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Manono Island

Three-km-square Manono Island, four km off the west end of Upolu, is sheltered within the larger island's protective reef. Four villages are on Manono (Faleu, Lepuia'i, Apai, and Salua) but cars, dogs, and hotels aren't present, which makes it a delightful place (horses and bicycles are also banned). Electricity was installed on Manono in 1995, but as yet there are only a few small village stores, which are closed most of the time.

The trail around the island can be covered on foot in a little over an hour. Near the landing at Faleu is a monument commemorating the arrival of the first European Methodist missionary to Samoa, Rev. Peter Turner, who landed here on June 18, 1835.

A five-minute walk west of the missionary monument is the Grave of 99 Stones (Pa Le Soo) at Lepuia'i, with one stone for each of the wives of the chief buried here.

On a hill in the center of the island is an ancient star mound (Mauga Fetu), but a guide will be necessary to find it.

Manono has a few nice beaches, and the tour groups use one on the less-populated northern side of the island facing Apolima.

You can spend the night at Vaotu'ua Beach Fales, run by Uili and Tauvela Vaotu'ua, who live in the large white house in Faleu village. They have three basic fale and water problems are common here. Unfortunately, we've received several unfavorable reports about this place. The Sweet Escape in Faleu village offers four screened beach fale plus two private rooms. The bathrooms and toilets are shared. Your hosts serve meals. Also check the Aiga I Le Tai Resort (ask for Pale) which has six Samoan fale. Other families may offer to accommodate you for a similar price.

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