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Visas and Officialdom

No visa is required for a stay of up to 30 to 60 days, although you must have a ticket to leave. This ticket may not be examined by the officials upon arrival at Apia airport, but it certainly will be requested by the airline staff as you're checking in for your flight to Samoa.

Samoan immigration will stamp your passport to the date of your flight out. You can get the 30 days without a struggle and often even 60 days (but if your onward flight is over 30 days ahead, the airline may want to see a Samoan visa before allowing you to board the plane). Extensions of stay are possible but not automatic (a brief side trip to American Samoa is an easy way to get an extension).

Apia is the only port of entry for cruising yachts and arriving boats can call customs over VHF channel 16. Clearance is done at the main wharf, then yachts anchor in the harbor off Aggie Grey's Hotel. Yachts may stop at Savai'i after checking out at Apia, provided they get prior permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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