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By Air

Long haul routes to New Zealand and Australia are operated by Virgin Samoa, a joint venture between the Samoan government and the Virgin family of airlines. No-frills Virgin Samoa charges extra for food, drinks, and movies.

Fiji Airways has a weekly flight to Apia from Honolulu and Nadi. Air New Zealand arrives daily from Auckland.

Inter Island Airways operates between Pago Pago and Apia four to seven times a day. It's a third cheaper to buy your ticket in Samoa than elsewhere due to currency differences.

American Samoan airport and customs taxes and a Samoan insurance surcharge are included in these prices, but when the flight to/from Pago Pago is full all baggage may be bumped due to the limited carrying capacity of the aircraft. All passengers must be weighed and the average weight of Samoans is substantial (this may be one of the few places in the world where the flight attendant stands at the entrance to the plane with a bundle of extended seatbelts).

When the baggage does arrive on a later flight, you'll have to go back to the airport and clear it personally through customs. Don't expect compensation for any of this, and be aware that the check-in staff probably won't inform you about what's going on until they're just about to close the aircraft door.

If the flight is full and you see people in line with mountains of excess luggage, expect this to happen. In any case, carry everything you can't afford to lose or might need during the first few days in your hand luggage.

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