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Post offices sell SamoaTel telephone cards in denominations of S$5, S$10, and S$20 for use in public payphones. With a SamoaTel "Family First" telephone card local calls to regular five-digit telephone numbers cost 50 cents a call.

There's also a Talanoa calling card which can only be used in certain phones. Unlike regular numbers, Talanoa cellular phone numbers have seven digits beginning with a 7. To convert a regular five-digit number to the mobile number, simply add 77 in front of the regular number. Take care, however, as it costs 80 cents a minute to call cellular numbers within Samoa and your Talanoa cellular card could soon be exhausted. The SamoaTel and Talanoa cards are not interchangeable.

To make an operator-assisted domestic call, dial 920. For the international operator, dial 900. If you have access to a direct-dial phone, the international access code is 0. For domestic directory assistance, dial 933; for international numbers, dial 910. If you decide to make a call from your hotel, ask how much you'll be charged beforehand.

The country code for American Samoa is 684; for Samoa it's 685.

Samoa has three Internet service providers: Computer Services Ltd., Internet Pasifika Samoa, and Four or five places around Apia offer Internet access at S$12 an hour. The two best established are in the Lotemanu Center near Air New Zealand.

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