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Southern Upolu Beach
The beaches of southern Upolu are a great place to hike.

Sports & Recreation


There are numerous opportunities for hiking, though the trails quickly become overgrown, which often makes local guides a good idea. Experienced hikers should be able to do the Lake Lanoto'o trip outside Apia on their own. O Le Pupu-Pu'e National Park in southern Upolu offers a number of hiking possibilities. Many good hikes are available on Savai'i.


If you bring your own bicycle on the flight, many wonderful opportunities to use it will present themselves here. Both main islands have excellent paved roads and there isn't much traffic except on northern Upolu. The only real hazard is sudden chases by dogs, but one must also be prepared for the heat.

Allow a week or more to cycle around each island, staying at village fale resorts along the way. The 176-km road around Savai'i is flat, except for the stretch between Asau and Sasina, which at 229 meters elevation is still lower than the passes on Upolu.

You'll need to find a place to spend the night before the evening prayers and carry your own food. (If you stop to talk to an adult on the road, be sure to get right off your bicycle, otherwise you might be seen as speaking down to a matai.)


Golfers will enjoy the two 18-hole courses at Apia and a third near the airport.

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