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Northeastern Savai'i

For ferry services between Upolu and Savai'i, turn to Getting Around. Travel around Savai'i is easy thanks to the broad paved highway that encircles the island, and bus service from the wharf is good. Yet all public transportation on Savai'i is a bit irregular, so don't plan tight itineraries or count on being able to get back to Upolu to catch an international flight the same day. If a storm came up and the ferries were canceled, you'd be as stranded as anyone else.


Hitchhiking is an option on Savai'i, as most vehicles will stop, and the completion of paving right around the island has seen an increase in traffic. It's always good to offer the equivalent of the bus fare, although most drivers will refuse payment from palagi. Traffic diminishes greatly after 1400.

One useful thing to know about is the flatback truck jammed with plantation laborers, which leaves the Forestry Division Office near Asau Post Office for Safotu weekdays sometime after 1300. The driver is usually willing to give travelers a lift, in which case a few tala would be welcome.

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