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Other than Salelologa, there's nothing that could be called a town on Savai'i; it's just one village after another around the coast, with large gaps on all sides. In recent years Salelologa has developed into a busy little town with a market, stores, banks, launderette, several small restaurants and takeaways, and a couple of places to stay. The market and bus station are less than a km north of where the Upolu ferry lands. Ill considered industrial developments and a new township are being built south of the present town and virgin rainforest is being cleared for gardens.

Frankly, however, Salelologa is a rather uninteresting place best avoided by jumping directly on a bus to Lalomalava, Manase, Satuiatua, or Falealupo-tai.

Police stations are found at Asau and Fagamalo, but the main police station is in the small government complex at Tuasivi, about 10 km north of Salelologa. There are post offices at Salelologa, Tuasivi, Fagamalo, Asau, and Salailua, and a district hospital at Tuasivi.


The paved six-km side road to Tafua village begins directly opposite the access road to Maota Airport. To the left (east) of the road, two km before the village, is a grassy track around the north side of Tafua Crater (560 meters). The footpath up into the crater is 500 meters down this road: It's the second and larger trail to the right. It's worth the hike for a chance to see the crater's tooth-billed pigeons and diurnal flying foxes.

In 1990, a Swedish environmental group and the Tafua villagers signed a covenant in which the villagers agreed to protect their forests from logging and other misuse for 50 years in exchange for Swedish financial aid to local health and education. Tafua village itself is just above the beach, and one can walk east along the coast to black cliffs where lava flows from the volcano entered the sea.

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