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Taxis have license plates bearing the prefix "T." Taxis parked outside the two airports and at the upmarket hotels tend to be a rip-off, while those waiting at taxi stands used mostly by local people or cruising the streets are usually okay.

Since the taxis don't have meters, always agree on the price before you get in and make sure you're both talking Samoan tala, otherwise the driver could insist on the same amount in U.S. dollars (a favorite trick).

If you intend to get out and have the driver wait awhile, ask the price of that too. Failure to do so will lead to unpleasant demands for extra money at the end of the trip and ugly threats if you resist. There's no additional charge for luggage, and tipping is unnecessary.

In general, taxis are abundant in Apia and some of them are pretty beat up.

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