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Royal Samoa Country Club
golfers at the Royal Samoa Country Club, Apia

Sports and Recreation

Sea kayaking tours to the tiny islands off both ends of Upolu are offered by Kayaking Samoa.

The 18-hole golf course of the Royal Samoa Country Club is just east of Apia (Fagali'i-uta bus). The clubhouse bar has a pleasant balcony overlooking the course and the sea—recommended for an afternoon drink. The course is open daily. Tuesday is Ladies Day. The newer Faleata Golf Course on Tuanaimotu Road southwest of Apia offers good views of Mount Vaea, Apia, and the sea. Cart and club rental is available. Greens fees at both courses are very reasonable.

Saturday mornings see exciting rugby or soccer from the grandstand at Apia Park. The main rugby season is February for "sevens" and March to May for league rugby. You shouldn't miss a chance to see a game by the famous national team, Manu Samoa.

The gymnasium at Apia Park (a gift of the People's Republic of China for the 1983 South Pacific Games) hosts basketball (Friday at 1700 and Saturday at 0900), badminton (Monday and Thursday at 1700), and volleyball (Saturday mornings from June to August) in the gym. A small admission may be charged.

The tennis courts behind Apia Park are open to the public daily (nightly until 2200; S$5 pp an hour, plus S$10 an hour for night lights). The Apia Squash Center is next to the Seaside Inn.

Kirikiti (cricket) is played mostly in rural villages at 1400 on Saturday throughout the year with the competition season July to September. Other traditional sports include igavea (hide and seek), lape (handball), sioga afi (fire making), and oagapopo (coconut husking).

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