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Mulinu'u Peninsula

Just northwest of the old market is the Tusitala Hotel, which was partly destroyed by fire in September, 2009. The great hand-tied roofs of the main fale-like neo-Samoan buildings erected in 1974 were lost during the fire.

Continue northwest on Mulinu'u Street, past two monuments on the left commemorating the disastrous 1889 naval debacle when the German cruiser Adler and several other ships sank during a hurricane. There's also a monument on the right that recalls the raising of the German flag on March 1, 1900 (die deutsche Flagge gehisst).

The large beehive-style building farther along on the left is the neo-Samoan Parliament of Samoa (1972). The smaller old Fono House nearby now houses the office of the Ombudsman. Across the field is the Independence Memorial (1962), which declares, "The Holy Ghost, Council of all Mankind, led Samoa to Destiny," and behind it is the Lands and Titles Court, which reviews village council decisions, disagreements over customary lands, and matai title disputes.

At the end of the Mulinu'u Peninsula is the Apia Observatory, founded by the Germans in 1902. After the unexpected hurricane of 1889, the Germans weren't taking any more chances. Note the many impressive royal tombs of former paramount chiefs both here and down the road to the left. Mulinu'u is the heartland of modern Samoan history.

German monument
German monument to the 1889 naval disaster, Apia.

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