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fried chicken roasting outside a funeral home across the street from the National Hospital



You can see a doctor for a reasonable fee anytime at the National Hospital, in Moto'otua south of the center, but bring along a thick book to read while you're waiting. A funeral home and casket shop is conveniently across the street. To call an ambulance, dial tel. 999. The Moto'otua bus passes the hospital.

The MedCen Private Hospital, on the Cross Island Road up beyond the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, charges twice as much per consultation, but the service is much better.

Another alternative to the hospitals is visiting a private doctor, most of which charge about the same as the private hospital for a nonresident consultation. One of Apia's preeminent private doctors is Dr. John Atherton of Soifua Manuia Clinic, behind the ANZ Bank near UNESCO at Matautu-uta.

Dr. Peniamina Leavai operates a dental surgery at the south end of Vaea Street.

Samoa Pharmacy is next to the Westpac Bank on Beach Road. Both of the chemists (pharmacies) on Beach Road are only open weekdays 0800-1630, Saturday 0800-1230. Check the expiration dates of any medicines purchased here.