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Apia's top movie theater is Magik Cinemas on Convent St. which opened in 2001. Screenings in its two cinema halls begin at 0930 Monday to Saturday and from 1700 on Sunday.

Weekday mornings at 0750 the police band marches up Beach Road to the Government Building for the flag-raising ceremony at 0800, and all traffic is stopped. Church choirs are worth a listen on Sunday mornings (dress neatly and avoid bright clothing or shorts).


Most Apia restaurants and bars are closed on Sundays although the Pasefika Innserves a to'onai upstairs around noon on Sunday. For a set price you can eat as much umu-baked Samoan specialties as you wish.

On Sunday afternoons the bar at the Apia Yacht Club at Mulinu'u opens at 1400 but the kitchen doesn't start cooking until 1730. It's worth waiting as the menu is extensive and good.

For Sunday night dinner consider the poolside barbecue at Aggie Grey's Hotel, which offers a good selection of Samoan dishes. There's no traditional dancing, but a corny hotel band is on the stage.

Cultural Shows for Visitors

An essential part of any visit to Samoa is attendance at a fia fia, where the Polynesian dancing on stage comes with a buffet dinner of local foods (look over the whole spread before getting in line). There's usually a fia fia at Aggie Grey's Hotel on Wednesday. The program put on by the hotel staff is strictly Samoan and usually includes a siva by your hostess Marina Grey or daughter Aggie, carrying on a tradition established by the late Aggie Grey herself. The show culminates in a firedancing performance.

At Aggie's the show is before dinner at 1830 (check the time). If you don't order the buffet, there's a cover charge for the show alone. Patrons wearing T-shirts or shorts are not allowed in. Arrive early if you want a good seat as they fill up from the front. These events aren't just for tourists—half the audience will be Samoan.

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