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Beach Road, Apia
Picturesque wooden buildings line Beach Road, Apia.

Apia Services

Tourist Information

The government-run Samoa Tourism Authority (weekdays 0800-1630, Saturday 0800-1200) is in a fale on Beach Road between the Government Building and the Catholic cathedral. Ask for your free copies of Jasons Passport Map and What's On.

Statistics and Maps

The Department of Statistics, 1st floor, Government Buildings, sells an Annual Statistical Abstract.

National Mapping Services at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, next to the Seaside Inn on Beach Road, sells large topographical maps of Samoa. They'll also print out navigational charts (otherwise ask the Harbormaster if you can photocopy his charts). The Samoa map published by Hema Maps is good and it's available both here and at Aggie's Gift Shop.

Bookstores and Library

The Information Resource Center at the South Pacific Regional Environmental Program (open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1400-1600 only), off the Cross Island Road a six-minute walk from the MedCen Private Hospital, sells many specialized publications on the South Pacific.

The Nelson Memorial Public Library (Monday-Thursday 0900-1630, Friday 0800-1600, Saturday 0830-1200) is opposite the Clock Tower on Beach Road. Special permission of the librarian is required to enter the Pacific Room.

Travel Agencies and Airlines

Island Hopper Vacations, in the Lotemau Center behind Air New Zealand, is an inbound tour operator that handles bookings from overseas.

Apaula Travel and Tours, corner of Vaea Street and Beach Road opposite the Clock Tower, sells discounted airline tickets.

Apia's airline offices are Air New Zealand, corner of Convent and Vaea Streets, and Polynesian Airlines, opposite the clock tower. Polynesian Airlines represents Air Pacific.


Cleanmaid Launderette (Monday to Saturday 0700-1900) is on Matautu St. opposite Pasika Inn and the harbor. Bring your own laundry soap.

Near the vegetable market, Launderette Chan Tung on Fugalei Street is closed on Sunday.

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